What We Do

Sheffield Culture Consortium develops projects which bring additional resources into the city, and encourages collaboration within the sector.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has sharpened our awareness of structural racism and climate crisis.  We will shape future projects with these priorities at the forefront.

Black lives matter, and the diversity of Sheffield is precious. We need to change as organisations and as an ecology of city arts to become more diverse, to act in anti-racist ways, and to change structural inequalities.  We recognise there is a long way to go, but we will work harder to learn, reach out, employ, promote, celebrate, campaign, change.

Member organisations are building on their own Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plans, and we are also developing an EDI action plan for Consortium activities.

Statement regarding Theatre Deli

Sheffield Culture Consortium is concerned that one of our consortium members, Nathan Geering, a Co-Artistic Director of Theatre Deli, felt compelled to resign from his role, feeling that it was no longer safe to work there as a person of colour. 

We support him and anyone who takes the brave step of calling out a hostile working environment so it can be investigated, action taken, and we can all learn as a sector.

Sheffield Culture Consortium understands that Theatre Deli is undertaking due process regarding these serious allegations and whilst this is underway we will suspend their membership of the Consortium. 

After the investigation is completed this situation will be reviewed.

What We Are

What we are not

We link with the wider sector through Creative Guild events, and hold an annual open meeting.