SNAP Network (Sheffield Network for Arts/Cultural Providers working with Children and Young People)

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What We Do

The Consortium worked with Cape UK to support a new network for cultural providers working with children and young people, including freelancers, with a view to enriching the range and quality of cultural provision for young people in Sheffield.

This network is designed to support and raise the profile of those who provide quality creative opportunities for children and young people to engage with arts and culture in Sheffield

We aim to:

  • Create opportunities for sector providers to connect, collaborate and share with each other across the city.
  • Increase and enhance a high quality and comprehensive offer to children and young people, both directly and through the adults who work with them.
  • Contribute to ‘making the case’ for the value of work with children and young people.

We will do this through:

  • Better access and signposting of CYP to information, activities and progression opportunities.
  • Building on and linking to the existing infrastructure, events and experiences, encouraging a more joined up approach to programming, marketing and the development of new initiatives.
  • Training and development opportunities, which enable practitioners to develop and strengthen their offer to children and young people.

Quarterly network-wide meetings are being set up, each with a relevant theme.

If you would like to join the SNAP mailing list, please contact, including SNAP in the subject line – thank you

See Snap website for ongoing activity SNAP